Reduce Energy Usage
Drastically reduce your electrical lighting energy consumption by up to 80% through energy-efficiency.
Eliminate Maintenance
Eliminate replacing dead ballasts or dim, discolored and flickering lamps throughout the warranty period.
Reduce Operating Costs
Reduce electric utility bills and maintenance costs (parts, equipment & labor) to improve the bottom line.
Control Brightness
Properly lit areas with applicable brightness and even color improve visual comfort.
Reduce Mercury Toxicity
Reduce mercury toxicity on-site from broken fluorescent tubes and lamps for a healthier community.
Reduce Carbon Emissions
Reduce metric tons of carbon emissions through your LED lighting upgrade.
Improve Safety
Brightly lit areas promote safer environments for your customers and employees.
Update Aging Facility
Update the facility for improved energy-efficiency, brightness, overall lighting performance and appeal.
Return On Investment
Get solutions that pay for themselves through energy-efficiency and long lifetimes to improve cash flow and ROI.
Zero Out Of Pocket
Finance the lighting project with zero out of pocket and pay monthly using your utility cost savings.
Update For Compliance
Satisfy California Title 24, Part 6 compliance for nonresidential building Energy Standards.
Sustainability Planning
LED lighting in your facility is the first step towards zero net energy before installing solar panels.